Mumbai Based Entertainment Group

Raga to Rock Records is a division of Raga of Rock Corp, a Mumbai based Entertainment group founded by C.P.Joseph and established in 1998. Raga to Rock Records was launched in 2001 with a distribution deal with BMG and the mission to 'Support Independent Music and help it grow even bigger than Bollywood Music'. At the turn of the century the internet made its presence felt and the decline of sales of cassettes and CD's spiraling downward. In order to make a Record label viable, we embarked on looking at Artists whose Music we would share not only their Music, but get their audience to see them perform, feel and be seen like no Artists seen in India. So the label was not only producing but also managing most of the artists we recorded. We have launched the debut Albums/Recordings of over 30+ Artists in various genres including Indian International music artists like Lima Yanger, Chandresh Kudwa, Ravi Iyer, Pralay, Anil Mahado, Brown Indian Band, etc. In the Indi-Pop category we have artists like Avi, Pranit Gedham, Udbhav Ojha, K.Shailendra, to name a few, many more Classical music artists too, who are well established names in the industry today.